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Although some public health measures have been lifted in Ontario, you may choose to maintain some in your community based on a number of factors. Here, you will find information and resources that can be used to support those efforts, including resources and information on COVID-19 and variants; self-monitoring; isolation; tips to reduce the spread of COVID-19; masking; how to care for those with COVID-19; and other general information related to the illness.


These resources are provided by the Government of Canada (GC), the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), the Province of Ontario (Ontario), and the Ministry of Health (MOH). They are also sourced from partnered organizations like the Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority (SLFNHA), Weeneebayko Area Health Authority (WAHA), Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN), and the Independent First Nations Alliance (Independent First Nations Alliance), which offer many great resources including posters, graphics, and videos.

ISC Communications COVID-19 Resources: Update 13 - English / French

  • SLFNHA: Why might people still wear a mask? – English
  • SLFNHA: 5 spots for your RAT (rat image version) – English
  • SLFNHA: Swab 5 spots for your Rapid Antigen Test – English
  • SLFNHA: Reporting Positive Rapid Antigen Test – English
  • SLFNHA: Reporting Negative Rapid Antigen Test – English 
  • Porcupine Health Unit: Don’t let anyone question why you wear a mask – English
  • SLFNHA: Getting outdoors isn’t cancelled – English
  • SLFNHA: You are many things, an infection doesn’t define you – English
  • SLFNHA: Recovered cases, spreading love – English
  • SLFNHA: What is a ‘resolved’ case of COVID-19? – English 
  • NAN: Community Pandemic Rules – English
  • SLFNHA: COVID-19 protocols at home - English
  • SLFNHA: Mask fit test – English
  • SLFNHA: Why does masking still matter? – English
  • SLFNHA: Be like jiweganaabizhiish: Listen to leadership amid changing public health guidelines – English
  • SLFNHA: Long COVID – English
  • SLFNHA: Don’t ignore other health problems – Bilingual  
  • WAHA: Hand washing instructions – English / Cree N / Cree L / Cree L Roman Orthography
  • WAHA: How to wear a mask – Cree N / Cree L / Cree L Roman Orthography
  • GC: Stop the spread of COVID-19 - information for Indigenous communities – English / French. Use the drop-down menu on the right side of page to find poster in Cree, Inuktitut (Nunavik), Michif, Mi’kmaq, Eastern Ojibwe, Western Ojibwe, and Oji-Cree.
  • GC: COVID-19 mask use: How to make your mask fit properly – English / French
  • GC: COVID-19 mask use: How to choose, use and care for a mask — English / French. Use the drop-down menu on the right side of page to find poster in Cree, Inuktitut (Nunavik), Eastern Ojibwe, and Oji-Cree.
  • ISC: Updated “we’re in this fight together” poster– English. Also available in Mohawk, Inuktitut, OjiCree, and Michif under the “On this page” section.
  • SLFNHA: Managing COVID-19 at home – English / Oji-Cree
  • SLFNHA: Hand washing instructions – English / Oji-Cree / Syllabics
  • SLFNHA: Hand sanitizing instructions – English / Oji-Cree
  • SLFNHA: Mask guidelines – English
  • SLFNHA: Hand washing and masks – English
  • SLFNHA: Cough into your sleeve (do a modified dab dance) – English
  • SLFNHA: Cover your cough – English / Oji-Cree / Syllabics 
  • SLFNHA: COVID-19: Prevention, detection, action – English
  • WAHA: Hand washing instructions – Bilingual English and Cree dialects
  • WAHA: How to wear a mask – Bilingual English and Cree dialects
  • SLFNHA: Radio Script, Talking about face masks – English



The following includes links to online content that may be helpful in developing communication products and/or community supports.

  • ISC: Important Dental Services Update, May 31, 2022 - English
  • SLFNHA Info Sheet: Advice to prepare for isolation or an outbreak – English
  • SLFNHA Info Sheet: Advice for caring for COVID-19 at home – English
  • GC Info Sheet: How to quarantine or isolate at home if you have or may have COVID-19 – English / French. Use the drop-down menu on the right side of page to find sheet in Cree, Inuktitut (Nunavik), Eastern Objiwe
  • GC Info Sheet: Care at home for those who have or may have been exposed to COVID-19 – English / French. Use the drop-down menu on the right side of page to find sheet in Cree, Inuktitut (Nunavik), Eastern Ojibwe.
  • SLFNHA Fact Sheet: Advice: living on the land during COVID-19 – English
  • ISC: Communication resources for Community Health & Safety – English / French
  • GC: COVID-19 homepage (e.g., status updates, vaccine and travel info, financial and economic support) – English / French
  • GC: COVID-19 Indigenous awareness resources - English / French
  • GC: COVID-19 general awareness resources – English / French
  • PHAC: Social media and promotional resources – English / French
  • Ontario: COVID-19 self-assessment tool – English / French
  • Ontario: Communication resources – English / French
  • NAN: COVID-19 Info – English
  • Indigenous Primary Health Care Council: COVID Info – English
  • Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre: COVID-19 Info – English
  • Ontario Native Women’s Association: COVID-19 Info – English
  • Porcupine Health Unit: COVID-19 Info – English 
  • WAHA: COVID-19 Info – English
  • All Nations Health Partners: COVID-19 Info – English
  • Northwestern Health Unit: COVID-19 Info – English
  • Independent First Nations Alliance: COVID-19 Info – English
  • Maad’ookiing Mshkiki - Sharing Medicine: COVID-19 Info – English
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