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This section includes information and products related to environmental public health and environmental health measures in Ontario. These resources cover a wide area of issues where a direct link exists between environmental and/or animal events, and human impact. Resources are organized by product type and topic, with a brief title to describe what is in the link. 

To expand each list of resources, click the plus (+) sign beside each subheading. To close the list, click the minus (–) sign beside each subheading.


  • ISC: Toolkit, “Mental Health and Extreme Weather” 2023 - English / French
  • ISC: COVID-19 Communication resources for Community Health & Safety - English / French
  • Environment & Climate Change Canada: Prevent the spread of avian flu, poster - English / French
  • ISC: Blastomycosis facts, poster - English
  • ISC: "Evacuation information for Indigenous Peoples in Ontario" 2023 - English
  • ISC: "Emergency evacuation information for Indigenous Peoples" 2023 - English / French
  • ISC: Checking your body for ticks, poster - English / Eastern Ojibwe / Mohawk
  • ISC: Long-term & Continuing Care Engagement, June 2023 update - English / French


  • ISC: UNBRANDED “Should I wear a mask to protect myself from blastomycosis?” 2023 - English
  • ISC: UNBRANDED “Should I be worried about blastomycosis?” 2023 - English
  • ISC: UNBRANDED “Should I be worried about Blastomycosis?” 2022 - English
  • ISC: UNBRANDED “Don’t let blasto keep you inside” 2023 - English
  • ISC: UNBRANDED “Blastomycosis fast facts” 2023 - English
  • ISC: UNBRANDED “Blastomycosis in winter” 2023 - English JPEG / English PDF


Resources have been organized from multiple organizations. A full list of all sources and their acronyms can be found on the home page.

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