Thursday, May 13, 2021


ISC COVID-19 Vaccines Toolkit Update 4 - Last updated May 10, 2021

We wanted to draw your attention to the following updates to the COVID-19 Toolkit:
     •    A simple guide for shooting a video and taking a photo
     •    New resources about COVID-19 vaccines
     •    New COVID-19 public health resources
     •    Mental wellness resources


Communications Resources

Brochure: COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy


Public Service Announcements About COVID-19 Vaccines - available in English, French and Indigenous languages

COVID-19 Vaccine Questions & Answers


Regional COVID-19 Communicatons Resource List -  Updated as of April 30, 2021


Vaccines for COVID-19: What to expect at your vaccination

Please visit this web page to learn more about authorized COVID-19 vaccines; tips for a comfortable vaccination experience; possible side effects and 
reactions; and pre- and post-vaccine guidance. 


APTN National News Q&A Sessions

Each week, APTN National News speaks with Indigenous Services Canada doctors todiscuss COVID-19 updates and vaccine-related information.

Additional Updates and Information

Mental Wellness Supports

Non-Insured Health Benefits

Personal Protective Equipment

COVID-19 Vaccination Survey

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