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We are sharing the following information item, which may be of interest: Update 9 of the COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit.

COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit – Update 9

We wanted to draw your attention to the following updates to the COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit:

  • Information on proof of vaccination
  • Community message from treaties 6, 7 and 8
  • Factsheet and radio PSA about the proof of vaccination for Indigenous Peoples and Northerners in remote communities

We are focusing our efforts on youth and young adults. Below are specific resources of particular interest to that audience:

   1.  Social media posts and creatives: Social media posts for Indigenous youth

   2.  Pre-recorded radio PSAs on mental health:

   3.  Partnership with the Assembly of Seven Generations @covid_communitycare

You can access this new version here.

We hope you will find this update useful, and we thank you for being part of the collective effort to fight COVID-19.

Together, we can do this.

COVID-19 Digital Travel Toolkit – Borders

About the toolkit
The digital engagement kit contains:
  • Travel information for individuals arriving to Canada by air or land
  • Information on testing and quarantine requirements
  • Information on exemptions from testing and quarantine requirements
  • Information on exemptions for fully vaccinated travellers
  • Links to COVID-19 Resources
  • Links to social media, for the latest news and updates
  • Links to Digital Tools to help travellers
  • Information about the Canada wordmark and how the tool kit resources can be used

Communications Resources

Youth Q&A document - This document is meant to be used by parents/guardians and teachers to assist them in answering common questions youth may have about COVID-19 vaccines.

Conversation starters infographic - This document is meant to be used by parents/guardians and teachers to encourage an open dialogue with the youth in their life about COVID-19, public health measures, mental health, misinformation, and vaccines. 

Misinformation infographic - In an effort to combat misinformation about vaccines, this infographic can be used by parents and guardians to help their children to detect misinformation online. Teachers can also use this as a handout or as part of a lesson plan.

Mental Wellness Supports

Wellness Together Canada is an online substance abuse and mental health portal that was launched last year to support people in Canada during COVID-19 while they don’t have their regular support network. This toolkit and social media plan outline available resources and supports for mental health and substance abuse disorders, as well as guidance on messaging and social media content.

Brochure: COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy


Public Service Announcements

Public service announcement for radio  second dose of vaccine
Three public service announcement scripts for radio detail the importance of getting both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to protect ourselves and our communities. These products are available in English and French and are currently being translated into the following Indigenous languages:

  • Blackfoot
  • Denesuline
  • Eastern Ojibway
  • Inuktitut (North Baffin)
  • Inuktitut (South Baffin)
  • Inuttut (Nunatsiavut)
  • Michif Cree
  • Michif French
  • Mi’kmaq
  • Mohawk (Eastern dialect)
  • Mohawk (Western dialect)
  • OjiCree (Roman orthography)
  • OjiCree (Syllabics)
  • Plains Cree
  • Stoney
  • Swampy Cree
  • Western Ojibway

The following nine audio clips can be accessed in English and French by following this link.
Each clip also has a video version, which can be accessed by following the links beside each clip’s description.

*Note: there is no Clip 7 – it has been removed.

Speakers include:
  • Dr. Shannon McDonald, Acting Chief Medical Officer at the First Nations Health Authority in BC
  • Marcia Anderson, Public Health Physician at Indigenous Services Canada, Manitoba region
  • Jessica Jackman, Public Health Physician at Indigenous Services Canada, Atlantic region
  • Marie-Elaine Delvin, Nurse practitioner and Senior Nurse Consultant

Public Service Announcements About COVID-19 Vaccines - available in English, French and Indigenous languages

COVID-19 Vaccine Questions & Answers


Regional COVID-19 Communicatons Resource List -  Updated as of December 1, 2021


Vaccines for COVID-19: What to expect at your vaccination

Please visit this web page to learn more about authorized COVID-19 vaccines; tips for a comfortable vaccination experience; possible side effects and 
reactions; and pre- and post-vaccine guidance. 


APTN National News Q&A Sessions

Each week, APTN National News speaks with Indigenous Services Canada doctors todiscuss COVID-19 updates and vaccine-related information.


Additional Updates and Information

Mental Wellness Supports

Non-Insured Health Benefits

Personal Protective Equipment

COVID-19 Vaccination Survey

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