Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Welcome to the ISC Ontario Region Portal. This Portal provides access to resources that can help communications and response efforts to COVID-19 and other health issues. The Portal is organized by theme, with each theme’s link including resources and information specific to that theme. Below, you’ll find the links leading to each theme, organized by colour. You will notice that some ISC resources are unbranded with space for you to add your own community or organization branding, if you wish to do so. 

The Portal is currently being reorganized. If you are not finding the information or resources you are looking for, please contact ontario-communications@sac-isc.gc.ca.

Public Health Measures


Mental Health & Substance Use

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The following are the newest communication resources from ISC and the Government of Canada:

  • ISC: UNBRANDED graphic, “Should I wear a mask?” English
  • ISC: UNBRANDED graphic, “Should I be worried about blastomycosis?”English
  • ISC: UNBRANDED graphic, “Ask for help” with mental healthEnglish
  • ISC: UNBRANDED graphic, “Lend an ear” with mental health English
  • ISC: UNBRANDED graphic, “Talking about mental health isn’t corny” - English
  • ISC: UNBRANDED graphic, “Don’t let blasto keep you inside” - English
  • ISC: UNBRANDED graphic, “Blastomycosis fast facts” - English
  • ISC: UNBRANDED fact sheet, “Blastomycosis in winter”English JPEG / English PDF
  • ISC: UNBRANDED wallet card, Adult mental health supportsEnglish JPEG / English PDF
  • ISC: UNBRANDED wallet card, Youth mental health supports English JPEG / English PDF
  • ISC: Communications toolkit, “Mental Health and Extreme Weather” - English / French
  • ISC: UNBRANDED social media graphic: "Taking Care at home & school, reducing the spread of illnesses" - English
  • ISC: UNBRANDED social media graphic, 'Back to School checklist - update your vaccinations" - English
  • ISC: List of federal opportunities for food security funding - English
  • ISC: Evacuation information for Indigenous Peoples in Ontario, poster - English
  • ISC: UNBRANDED infographic, Myths about MMR vaccine - English
  • ISC: Long-term & Continuing Care Engagement, June 2023 update - English / French
  • ISC: Emergency evacuation information for Indigenous Peoples, poster - English / French
  • ISC: Blastomycosis facts, poster - English
  • ISC: Checking your body for ticks, poster - English / Eastern Ojibwe / Mohawk 
  • Environment & Climate Change Canada: Prevent the spread of avian flu, poster - English / French
  • ISC: COVID-19 Communication resources for Community Health & Safety - English / French
ISC Ontario Region Update - August 2023


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