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This portal hosts a collection of communication and information resources that may be helpful to Indigenous communities and organizations in Ontario. Resources can be used to support local communications, increase awareness on different topics, support community members, and more. The portal is organized by theme and topics. Navigation links can be found at the top of each page.


The Portal’s newest resources will be listed here.  All other resources can be found under their theme.

  • ISC: Contact List for NIHB Ontario, 2024 - English
  • ISC: Toolkit, “Preventing measles” comms resources package 2024 - English PDF | Click to download ZIP file
  • MOH: Memo from the Chief Medical Officer about toxic drug supply and recent exposures, Feb 2024 - English
  • ISC: Fact Sheet “Syphilis in Indigenous communities” 2024 – English PDF / ImageFrench PDF
  • ISC: Poster “Congenital syphilis in Indigenous communities” 2024 - English PDF / Image French PDF
  • ISC: UNBRANDED “Blastomycosis Fast Facts” for Social Media, 2024 - English 1, 2, 3 | French 1, 2,
  • ISC: UNBRANDED “Don’t let blastomycosis keep you inside” for Social Media, 2024 - English | French
  • ISC: Contact List for NIHB Ontario, 2024 - English
  • ISC: Notice from NIHB, Sioux Lookout to Thunder Bay Travel - English 
  • ISC: Booklet, “Winter Activity Pages” for children & families 2023 – English
  • ISC: UNBRANDED graphic, Youth mental health supports 2023 (English) – Image 1 / Image 2
  • ISC: UNBRANDED graphic, Adult mental health supports 2023 (English) – Image 1 / Image 2
  • ISC: UNBRANDED graphic, “Remember to take care of one another” 2023 – English
  • ISC: UNBRANDED graphic, “We’re never truly alone” 2023 (English) – Image 1 / Image 2
  • PHAC: Graphic, “Break the chain of infection: Respiratory infectious diseases” 2023 – English / French
  • ISC: Map, “First Nations in Ontario” 2023 – English & French
The ISC Ontario Region Communications Team produces a monthly communications newsletter to update partners and leadership. All copies are published here after distribution. 

ISC Ontario Region Update: May 2024 - English

Resources come from different departments, organizations, and communities. A full list of all sources and their acronyms is below. It is updated as new resources become available. Each tab has a link to this list at the bottom of the page.

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