Tuesday, October 03, 2023

MB eHealth Solutions Unit


MB eHealth Solutions is committed to bringing forward a clear and coordinated plan to support and improve access to innovative health care technologies in First Nation communities.

Some of the services we currently provide are:  

Secure Networking

 eHealth–FNIHB Network is a unique, made in Manitoba solution, that is a secure province wide health network providing access to eHealth services and applications, business Internet, LAN access and Wi-Fi services to 22 Federal Nursing Stations and nursing residences, two Federal Hospitals and integrates with Provincial Health sites as part of FNIHB’s digital X-ray solution. The network provides secure access to health systems located on the Provincial “Manitoba Network” and permits future expansion of eHealth services and solutions from the Provincial Health care system as they become available.


Health Care Provider to Healthcare Provider Interfaces

 eConsult is a secure, web-based consultation services allowing health care providers (RN/NP/GP) to send digital images of some health-related conditions to a specialist.  Improving access to specialists that may not be available in a community or region.

 MyMBT Messaging-MyMBT(M) is a secure messaging system used by healthcare providers to communicate between each other. MyMBT Messenger provides a single platform for group communication across multiple sites, both inside and outside healthcare settings.


Patient to Health Care Provider Interfaces

 MB Telehealth is a two-way/multi-site secure videoconferencing system set-up in health care facilities. Telehealth uses a room-based codec, monitor, speaker, camera and remote. MB Telehealth connects people to healthcare services at a distance. Telehealth can be used for consultations, follow up, case conferencing, patient education, Mental Health visits, continuing healthcare education for employees, administrative meetings and tele-visitation for families.

 iScheduler is a web-based scheduling program for telehealth services.


 eHealth Digital Imaging

 Digital Xray is an advanced form of x-ray which produces a digital radiographic image instantly on a computer making it quick and easy for Healthcare providers to read and send to specialists.

 Digital Ultrasound is a medical imaging technique that uses high frequency sound waves and their echoes instantly produces an image on a computer screen for the Healthcare provider to view. The eHealth Solutions unit  provides connectivity to the most advanced digital imaging equipment.


Information Management Systems

 Community Electronic Medical Records (cEMR) is an electronic information management system customized to support a broad range of services and programs such as; community health nursing, communicable disease control, immunizations, chronic disease management, maternal child health, traditional healing, dental & child oral health, home and community care, mental health and health benefits, and Jordan’s Principle.

 Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are digital versions of the paper charts in community Health Centres, Nursing Stations and our Regional Office Public Health department. EMRs contain medical notes, lab results and information collected by and for the clinicians in that office, clinic, or hospital.  EMR improves efficiency and accuracy by having organized and accessible patient health information. 

 eChart Manitoba is a provincial electronic health record with read-only access for authorized health care providers in Manitoba. It pulls together information from many existing systems across Manitoba, including patient demographics, filled drug prescriptions, lab results, immunizations and x-ray reports. 

 Public Health Information Management System (PHIMS) is an integrated, electronic public health record developed to improve and support communicable disease case management, outbreak management, immunization management, and inventory management.


Clinical Decision Support Tools


Advice and guidance on the latest healthcare information! 

 The eHealth Solutions unit provides access to important medical information websites to help healthcare providers manage patient care such as;

    •  ·     Adult Clinical Practice Guidelines
    • ·         Pediatric Clinical Practice Guidelines
    • ·         UpToDate
    • ·         Shared Health Manitoba
    • ·         Health links
    • ·         Remote training
    • ·         And More!

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