Saturday, December 04, 2021

Help Desk


Due to the current situation we are working out of office. If you need assistance with the onehealth website and password assistance, please send an email to the Administrator at: 

Current COVID-19 information can be found by clicking here: COVID-19 UPDATE

Information on Patient Safety Incident Reporting. Click on links below:
    Patient Incident Form - Green Form

If nurses require any assistance, please contact the Nurse Services Response Centre (NSRC) at 1-833-615-0362

If you need computer support, please phone TSAG at 1-888-999-3356 (Toll-free).

If you have technical difficulties with videoconferencing or want to test equipment, please phone TSAG 1-888-999-3356 (Toll-free) option 2, followed by option 1.

If you have questions about videoconferencing, scheduling or training call TSAG 1-888-999-3356 option 2, followed by option 2 or email Please note, all last minute or urgent requests should be submitted via phone.

TSAG is also responsible for telephone support in the communities at the same number.

Please be advised that we have revised the URL of the Alberta portal ( These changes do not affect the performance or operability of the portal but will make the changes consistent with the rest of our portal structure. Please ensure that any links or bookmarks that point to the old URL are updated to reflect the new URL. Thank you for your patience and cooperation!
Please click here to be redirected to the stakeholder resources page.
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